Growing out my Short Hairstyle/Pixie Cut – The Awkward Truth

I got my haircut in November of 2016 into a semi-long pixie cut as part of a modelling job, I had a nearly shoulder length bob before that which I loved dearly, but was way too thick, so I made the decision to go bold or go home.

…I should have gone home. Needless to say I HATED it, I cried for days on end, although in fairness the hairdresser didn’t listen to my wants at all and I suppose that is the risk you take as a hair model. However, when I decided that I wanted to grow out my pixie cut to return to it’s former glory I searched the internet for other growing out journeys and tips for styling etc. I was shocked to find only 1 blogger who had documented her journey every few months and provided me with the help and support I needed.

Now 9 months later, I am here to mark the midway point of my journey and how far my hair has come.

Month 1

Lets start with the original haircut. I learnt the best way to style this entirely too short fringe was to try and pass it off as a front style fringe, It was uneven and messy but it served me well.

I would also recommend buying the Lee stafford hair growth treatment to help boost the growth in the first few months.


Month 3 

By January I had embraced the side parting again and I was obsessed! I have finally learnt how to love my hair and style it in more flattering ways. I used salt spray and a little wax to create texture and volume in the fringe so it didn’t appear flat against my face.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Month 4

By February I had changed again, I started using clips to pin back my fringe to create a sleeked down look that laid flat at the front with some lift at the back, I loved this streamlined look!

Processed with VSCO with nc preset

Month 6

I had started using bobby pins above both my ears to fully embrace the sleek look, but was also alternating with the voluminous fringe, textured look.

It is also worth noting that throughout these 6 months I had multiple trips to the hairdressers to even out the back of my neck (this will grow into a mullet otherwise) and to trim the weight of my hair as it grows very thick. These are essential steps for growing out a short haircut! (No one wants a mullet)


Month 9

I’m still going for regular trims but my fringe has been left to grow out – for reference of how fast my hair has grown, it’s grown by about 4 inches as hair typically grows at half an inch a month. My ideal length should take another four or 5 inches so perhaps another eight or nine months, unless of course I decide to keep it short.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

(Nearly) Month 10

Having fallen in love with my current length of hair, I turned my interests towards colour. Before the big haircut I had blonde highlights which I adored and my dark brownish natural colour was just not doing it for me. I was thrilled to be contacted by Mark (Find him here) from Toni & Guy Richmond. He loved my hair and my overall look and offered me to come in and talk to him about what I might want done. After a trim (to avoid the dreaded mullet) I mentioned wanting my highlights back. He referred me to Colourist @dees_colour_room  She recommended a half head of highlights with different tones of white blonde to dark blonde. A week or so later I had the colour done and I love it! It’s perfect for summer and gives my pixie crop some volume and depth, you can see the results below.

My final advice for anyone who may have come across this post who is in a similar position that I was, fed up with their short hair, wanting to grow it out but not sure how to go about it, I hope you feel less alone and remember that hair is unimportant. It will always grow and you will always have the opportunity to experiment with your hair, the most important thing is to make sure you are happy with it and that’s all that matters.

Speak Soon,

IronicJess xo




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