Pride 2017 – Outfit + Makeup

London Pride was on Saturday July 8th and was my first time ever attending! I went with an amazing group of friends to show my support.

The Parade itself consists of many floats, created by companies and social groups to celebrate pride. It goes along Oxford street and Regent street so these are the busiest areas. The vibe is totally different for London. The usual rushed and grumpy stereotypes are thrown out the window and London becomes an inclusive, welcoming and happy environment where everyone is eager to talk to each other. It’s a really incredible experience and I hope everyone, heterosexual or part of the LGBT community, can attend one at some point in their lives.

My Outfit for Pride was a mixture of biker chic and rainbow statement pieces.

My statement shirt is from Zara, socks from Victoria’s Secret Pink and the flowers were being sold throughout the parade.

My boots are from Zara as well (Separate Blog Post on them coming soon) and my skirt from Topshop.

My Makeup was obviously also rainbow inspired! I used the Morphe 35C Matte to do my eyes and used a liner brush to dot some colour around my nose to create freckles. I then layered this with the NYX liquid liners in red, blue and 2 glitter shades.

Speak Soon,

IronicJess xo


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